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"When my stringed instruments need servicing and maintenance there is one person I trust completely and I recommend with the highest regard and confidence. His name is Harry Becker and he is a master luthier whose workshop is located in Northampton MA. Harry is a Renaissance Man of sorts who makes his living as a luthier, building and servicing fine  

   musical instruments, while also being an incredibly talented musician, singer and songwriter, poet, painter, sculptor,     

    photographer, film maker- and I suspect, these are only the short list of his many talents! A sage philosopher and a       

     humble student of life and humanity, a visit to Harry's shop is not only informative and thought provoking, but in        

       addition to having your instrument brought back to life, you may find your soul has been nicely tuned as well."

                                  Elric Walker, http://elricwalker.com

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