from customers/friends
Hi Harry,
This is marvelous !! You've done such a great job and I am indeed very grateful for the skillful workmanship you put into repairing my precious Gurian. The neck is magnificent. I cannot see any signs of the initial damage of the soundboard.  I am so happy that you accepted to take care of my instrument. You surely are a very gifted man. 

There was nobody and no place else to accomplish this superior work than you. 
I would also like you to know that I am fully aware that your fees are well under what's practice in the U.S. Please let me thank you again for taking in my battered 
instrument and make it whole again. I had a lot of pleasure looking at those pictures and watch the Gurian come back to life again, more beautiful than ever before and with your improvements also a better instrument. 

The concert was great. I mean, people were happy, and this is the  most rewarding part. The Martin D-16 could not stand up against the Gurian and spent the evening waiting to get a  chance in case.

My regards also to William Cumpiano, without whom all this would never have taken place.  My first phone call to the workshop was with him. His positive response and warmth and acceptance were such a relief. With all due respects,you both nurture the spirit of art and true companionship. All the best and stay well,  Rolf Hug, Switzerland.
Thought I would share these pics (e-mailing friends) of the Byrd back from a new fret job , Great work by Harry Becker . 
Bill O’Connel
(Rare left handed Gibson Byrdland refretted ___________________________
Thanks again for the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship that you put
into dad's guitar - it really looks great.  I just talked to him and he has played 
it on and off all afternoon!
Mike (Michael Zachio for Dominic)

A wonderful 1947 Martin D28 that received a neck reset and new bridge. The guitar was still under warranty, purchased by the owner more than 60 years ago.
hi Harry,
thank you so much for all you did for me yesterday. The tele is much 
better and feels great now. The Velasquez on the other hand is miraculous! 
You have contrived a profound improvement where I didn't conceive there was a possibility! (crowning and polishing the saddle)...just goes to show me what I know! anyway, 
THANK You !!!  -Mark

After inserting a strip of carbon fiber in the neck shaft of a Velasquez that was suffering a bowed neck I received another rewarding letter from Mark :

 HARRY!  -  It's magnificent!  You pulled off perfectly what in hindsight seems extremely tricky and perilous an undertaking.  I like the new frets too.  Your choice of manner for stiffening the board is perfect because it strengthens the neck exactly along the center (as a proper neck would already be) and at the same time lets the neck vibrate more freely along the sides, also like a proper neck.  Intonation is too, and this makes the guitar sound literally like an orchestra.  The harmonics and harmonic integrity are flawless (which isn't possible!), but still, they are.  	
THANKS again!!!!!!! -your the man.
Dear Mr. Becker,
I received the cuatro on Monday.As to the work you did on my instrument, 
you are truly worth your weight in gold as a luthier. It’s exactly what I wanted. 
Thankyou for a job extremely well done. 
Sincerely, Alvin Medina

Hear this gifted virtuoso play Bach on the cuatro:    www.alvinmedina.comhttp://www.alvinmedina.comshapeimage_8_link_0

H'lo Harry..
I can't tell you how pleased I am with your repair work.  I would not have thought it possible to repair that tear so cleanly without refinishing, nor plane out the fretboard to perfection.  And the new bridge is perfect too.    And it sounds simply wonderful to me!  I played it the day it arrived until my fingers were too sore to play anymore.      It was just a delight to play!  
Sincerely,David Dressler

I much belated thanks - but THANKS The repair you did on my size Brazilian Gurian was incredible. Its better than new! You have won a devoted fan.
David Casey

Dear Harry:
You are a  Master!  My guitar arrived yesterday - just 2 days from Northampton -in perfect shape.  The work on the frets and action accomplished just what I wanted.  I played it for several hours last night and ,,, no buzz!  Your re-fret job is beautiful - no scratches or rough spots, smooth and polished better than the original from the Martin factory. Thanks for the excellent work!
Best, Gerry Davis

Hello Harry ,
I have been playing the guitar for about a hour ....feels real nice !A real pleasure to play without all that buzzing going on . WOW what a differance ! Now I know why Andrew Lawrence speaks so highly of your work.          I'm very happy with the results of your fine work .
Thomas Cotter

Hi Harry!
Thanks for taking the time to do it right.
Steve Dudziak

Hi Lester, (letter to Luthier Lester Devoe) I left my guitar with Harry Becker on Sunday and got it back  on Thursday, 2/24/05.  He did an excellent job.  He repaired a crack that wrapped around the heel of the guitar and he also straightened a bent tuning peg.   He took time to explain to me exactly what he was going to do.  When the work was done he also gave me the details on the work he did.  He put extra effort into repairing the tuning peg so I would not have to replace the whole set. It was a pleasure to meet Harry.  He was very generous with his time and his charge for the repair was very reasonable. 
Regards,Tim Cuff

Hi Harry,
Thanks for your time and expertise in setting up the Martin 000-15 for Slide and Fingerstyle playing.  Outstanding work on the nut, saddle, bridge pins and the guitar's action.  I am really enjoying this guitar now!  The guitar is so much more versatile. Thanks again brother....Jim

Harry, thanks for the restringing tip. How many strings have I changed on my guitars over the years without doing this or even considering the issue? The mind boggles. Maybe you should compile some of these basic (and revelatory) ideas about the guitar for me and my fellow dummies? I see the old school teacher in you rearing its beautiful head!  Take care,  Alan

Hi Harry 
Great to meet you last week and get the unexpurgated version of your life and times. A long and winding road as they say....
I put my guitar to work over the weekend - I was very pleased. Intonation problems have disappeared even with a capo and the instrument was amenable to tuning even in difficult situations - we went from cool, dark backstage into hot, blinding sunlight in one instance. The action is sweet and I had that heady illusion of improving my technique when, in fact, it was the adjustments to the instrument. Whatever it takes!
Thanks for the good work , Alan

you are gifted. The Martin is once again it's magnificent self. Your work is heartfelt, and I am forever grateful.

Good Morning Harry,
Thanks for an extremely informative day. My head is reeling with information and I greatly appreciate you sharing so much with me. A good contextual approach was what I was most needing, and you provided it.
All the best, Brad

Hi Harry, I still can't keep my hands off the Martin, You did such an incredible job and your work has made me a better musician so I really am grateful for that.
Doug P.

Just want to thank you again for the great work that you did on my Gibson. The bone nut is a work of art… it is beautiful and plays like a charm.
Hi Harry
I put my guitar to work over the weekend -  I was very pleased. Intonation problems have disappeared even with a capo and the instrument was amenable to tuning even in difficult situations - we went from cool, dark backstage into hot, blinding sunlight in one instance. The action is sweet and I had that heady illusion of improving my technique when, in fact, it was the adjustments to the instrument. Whatever it takes! 
Thanks for the good work, Alan

Hi Harry,

Hope all is well with you. It certainly is with me. I simply don't have the words to describe how I feel about the work you did on my  guitar, so in one word I'll say AMAZING!! I absolutely love it. It  sounds incredible. The setup it perfect and your attention to detail is second to none. Thank you very much. It's hard to believe how you  transformed my work into this. Just amazing!

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You were right, this is like a rediscovery. My musical batteries are recharged.
I was up playing last night until my fingers hurt.

You are a magician, an alchemist and my hat is off to you.

I sent an email to Rick Turner and I’ll keep you informed about his response.


Adjustment made on a Rick Turner Laoutar /http://www.harrybecker.net/Luthier/Guitar_Repair_/Pages/Adjusting_a_Laoutar.html

Jim Matus has produced hundreds of recordings in his production facilities in New York,  Hartford,CT  and Hadley,MA.  His experimentations with Middle Eastern fusion band Mawwal have won him critical praise internationally. http://www.mawwalmusic.com/Guitar_Repair/Pages/Adjusting_a_Laoutar.htmlGuitar_Repair/Pages/Adjusting_a_Laoutar.htmlhttp://www.mawwalmusic.comhttp://www.mawwalmusic.comshapeimage_16_link_0shapeimage_16_link_1shapeimage_16_link_2shapeimage_16_link_3
           These beautiful people comprise the Choir of St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Church in Taifa Accra, Ghana.
They sent me this photograph along with a heartwarming letter of gratitude after Theresa Badu delivered a guitar I gave them. The gift was in appreciation for the wonderful care she gave to my mother-in-law. Soon after receiving the guitar they called me on the phone having gathered the entire choir to say “thank you”. They also sent a shirt and dress they sewed made of the same joyful Ghanaian fabric. My wife and I feel extremely honored to receive such a gift and proud to know how meaningful it is. It makes us feel like we’re honorary members of the choir.

My wife Jan and I are happy to express our love, respect, and appreciation to Theresa Badu, Mr. Effah Augustine Ofosu (choir president), Mr. Deku Kofi Donne (choir secretary), and all the members of the Choir of St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Church.
Here is a letter from Scott Ainslie,  http://CattailMusic.com  as he embarks on the journey of building an acoustic guitar under the tutelage of our mutual friend and brother Michael Millard of Froggy Bottom Guitars. Included is an audio clip
of Scott on his Gibson L50 brilliantly playing “When I See An Elephant Fly” from his album “The Last Shot Got Him”.http://CattailMusic.com/shapeimage_20_link_0

You, your spirit and work are entirely in evidence as I enter a little deeper into the mysteries of this particular brotherhood. I am often moved to tears by what to others may seem to be small, familiar things. But it’s not the things but the generous hearts that bend the universe toward grace and I see them all around me in a few select beings. You are one.

And, I promised you a line about the Gibson repair:

I took a very well-played 1934 Gibson L-50 with a big round sound hole to Harry. The edges of the rosewood fingerboard were entirely worn down, frets shot, and the neck had long ago pitched forward enough to deform the arched top. We puzzled over it together and I left with a fairly clear notion of what was to be done and the likely outcome. But then, Harry got into the guitar neck and by a stroke of genius and open-minded experience, he did a little more to solve a problem…

To the extent that I think of guitars and gender, somewhat explicably, they have always seemed feminine to me. Immediately upon getting the guitar back, and now 8 months later, it's clear to me that I essentially gave Harry an 82 year old emphysemic grandmother and he gave me back a 40 year old jogger with nice legs. 

This guitar is ready to run the marathon. I expect it to be playing well into its next 80 years, thanks entirely to the skill, generosity and experience of Harry Becker. I am grateful. My audiences are grateful.

Much love always,   s