Relocating a Saddle Slot

The new location brings the saddle closer to the bridge pin holes.  Given a low saddle height the new location sharpened the angle the string makes as it bends over the saddle. The sharper angle will give the guitar a little more volume. If however the guitar required a tall saddle the angle would be too steep. In that case it would have been necessary to relocate the entire bridge.

The break angle of the strings relates to the height and proximity of the saddle to the bridge pin holes. The height and location of the saddle relates to the neck angle and the fret board. There are several ways to correct intonation problems. All are considered prior to prescribing treatment. Relocating the saddle slot on the bridge is just one way to solve the problem. If other repairs were required such as a neck reset or reattaching a loose bridge a different solution would be available.